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Reaping The Harvest Radio Program

Part of our goal is to inspire and train others in evangelism so that they can be a witness. In 2008 we began to produce a radio program to help reach that goal. Reaping the Harvest is a 15 minute radio program primarily directed toward Christians helping to equip them to reach their world. Beginning in March 2008, Reaping the Harvest airs weekly in five cities, see broadcast times below.

In September of 2010, Reaping the Harvest began to be broadcast over shortwave signals. Since February of 2006 we had a 5 minute program called Finding Hope which aired on World Harvest Radio’s short wave stations. In the summer of 2010 we started to become dissatisfied with the shortness of Finding Hope and being unable to convey the message we desired. After praying about it we decided to end Finding Hope and launch Reaping the Harvest on World Harvest Radio. Reaping the Harvest began airing the first weekend of September 2010 over 2 of World Harvest Radio’s shortwave stations that reach into Asia and Africa.

Why Shortwave Radio?
For AM stations to broadcast to other nations, you would need hundreds of very powerful transmitters located near those nations. These transmitters would also need to be located in a friendly country, but many countries jealously guard the privilege to operate radio stations within their borders. Shortwave radio is the only means to reach people throughout the world! Today, over 160 nations operate more than 1,500 shortwave stations. Many of these stations have English broadcasts beamed at major English-speaking nations. (Information from World Harvest Radio. Used with permission.)

Literally millions of people throughout the world listen to shortwave radio. In some areas of the world, like Africa, shortwave is the primary method of radio broadcasting. In other countries, its audience is growing rapidly. In fact, the number of shortwave listeners in the United States has doubled in the last decade. This audience is expected to double again in the next ten years. According to one study, there are an estimated one billion shortwave radios in the world, and on any given day there could be one hundred million people listening to them.

Advantages of shortwave radio over AM or FM

  • Millions of people can be reached at one time by one station.
  • Many different countries can be reached at the same time.
  • Many different cultures can be reached at one time.
  • We can reach into countries which would not normally broadcast it because of political reasons.
  • Non-Christians are attracted because broadcasts to other nations and cultures bring interest and friendship.
  • Shortwave radio is very economical, reaching a vast audience. It is a way to reach the world without the need for travel expenses.

You can listen to our radio program live from World Harvest Radio's website at the time that they air it via steaming real audio. You will need to have RealPlayer™ installed on your computer which can be found here: RealPlayer™.

To listen to Finding Hope as it is broadcast live:
Visit World Harvest Radio at the times listed in the chart below, click “streaming audio” and then select the Angel station you desire to listen to.

Reaping the Harvest on World Harvest Radio
World Harvest Radio Day Central
Reaching Into
Angel 2 Saturday 2:45 a.m. 1:45 a.m. Africa & the Middle East
Angel 3 Saturday 9:45 a.m. 8:45 a.m. Asia

Reaping the Harvest on FM/AM Radio
State City Station Day/Time
Alabama Mobile WIJD
1270 AM
3:30 pm
Mississippi Tupelo WCPC
940 AM
5:00 pm
Missouri St. Louis KXEN
1010 AM
5:45 am
Nebraska Omaha KLNG
1560 AM
1:30 pm
New Mexico Albuquerque KXKS
1190 AM
4:00 pm

Past Reaping the Harvest Radio Programs
Date Audio
October 3, 2010 Topic: Wherever Your Foot Shall Tread
October 10, 2010 Topic: Bearing Fruit
October 17, 2010 Topic: Staying Hot and Not Lukewarm
October 24, 2010 Topic: Open Your Mouth and Preach Jesus
October 31, 2010 Topic: Fighting our Battles with What We Say
November 7, 2011 Topic: Use the Authority of Your Mouth

Along with our outreaches our radio ministry is one of our biggest expenses. Our goal is to increase our reach over the air in the US and the world. Please prayerfully consider supporting Jeff Goss Ministries with a monthly subscription or a onetime gift.
Thank you!

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